Why is it so hard for a tomboy to get a boyfriend?

why is it so hard for a tomboy to get a boyfriend? I'm a tomboy and I've had many crushes. but they said no because I'm to boyish. wtf I don't want to change my image but how can I help the situation

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Don't sweat it to much... I was a tomboy all through middle school and all through high school, I had plenty guy friends and I had plenty of boy friends... You just have to be comfortable and patients and that right guy will come along... Though dating your guy friends I highly do not recomend, but sometimes it works out...

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Men like women to act like women but when women act like men its not really a turn on so it will be difficult for you to find someone if you don't want to change then all you can do is wait an see if you find someone that likes you the way you are but it may take a while.

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they see you as "one of the boys"..if you do some girly things, you wont have to change that your a tomboy...find a good medium of both :)

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hey I LOVE Tomboyish women...if any TOMBOY woman 21 plus wants to get in touch with me please do...I'm James and I'm based in Yorkshire England...my e mail is firefoxalpha29@googlemail.com

If your single lets have a chat... Hope to hear from you


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Im a guy who loves Tomboys but its so hard to find one. I know I attractive to Tomboys when I meet them but they are few and far between. I have been told I have everything going for me but I know my true partner out there somewhere in the world is a Tomboy. Im in Sydney - seekingtomboy@optusnet.com.au

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