Why is it bad to were the same underwear for a long time ?

Well I dont have a lot of uderwear so I wear the same pair for like a week or 2 is it bad

Answer #1

your underwear gets dirty. whether you like it or not. lots of germs get through that opening down there, too. don’t expose yourself to more germs than necessary. infection down there can end up with you taking med that you have to stick up there. sounds gross and scary, yeah? you don’t want some infection down there, now do you? I’m sure that’d be a lot more painful than going and buying more underwear. so just go buy some.

Answer #2

Yes. That is one place you really dont want to be messing with. You could get infections. And a hospital bill is a whole lot more expensive than new underwear.

Answer #3

Thats disgusting … WASH THEM !!! you can get all sorts of infections down there from dirthy underwear… Xo:)

Answer #4

ewww! sorry not to be rude but here is the truth. that is just plain out nasty. seriouslly go buy some undies!

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