Why is it a sin to use safe sex even if married?

Is it a sin according to the bible, to use condoms or birth conrol even if your married? I don't wanna get pregnant right away when I'm married, I would want to enjoy alone time with my hubby before expecting a baby. But I don't want to displease God in any way.

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That little rumor about it being a sin to use birth control was invented later so that the catholic church could do two things
1. Scare people not married to not have sex (if an unmarried 20 year old *cant* use birth control her chances of having sex will lower drastically) and
2. Make it so that once a couple is married, they start concieving future catholics on their honeymoon. No waiting a couple years, its to start making little catholics immediatly.

So if you use birth control,the only people you will anger are extremists

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Hi ty,

you wrote that condoms are several thousand years old.

That's correct, but those were made of animal intestines and they were not for birth control. These could prevent some sexually transmitted diseases - but not fertilization. Only latex condoms are impervious for human semen.

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Hi smartspunky,

There is absolutely nothing in the bible that will forbid birth control. Because the bible was written BEFORE the invention of birth control. The bible is ancient. Condoms are about 100 years old. The pill was invented in the 1960ies.

There is this bible quote where god tells the human to be fertile. But that's all. The bible doesn't forbid you to have fun now and have kids later.

The catholic church leaders interpret this bible quote as 'don't use birth control'. It's actually the medieval world-view 'sex is for reproduction, not for joy'. Mere prudery. And the catholic dogmatic claim that the Pope is the 'voice of god' on earth and that he is infallible.

So if you are not catholic or if you do not believe that the Pope of Rome is infallible, then enjoying love without making kids should be not a sin.

I don't think having fun in it is bad. After all, God made us the way we are, and its the natural thing for humans to enjoy making love.

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The real question is, would it please God to bring a child into the world if you're not prepared to care for it properly and provide for its future.
Also, the instance the Catholic church used to use against birth control is the story of Onan, where he pulled out instead of knocking up his dead brother's wife, when he had a responsibility to continue his family line, and he got pretty seriously punished for it.
Birth control=not a problem with religion.
Abortion=big problem with religion.

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Like others have said, condoms did not exist when the Bible was first written down.

Most believers try to understand the meaning of the Bible and extrapolate from its teachings to determine how things that came after the Bible should be viewed.

Years ago when the anesthesia Ether was used during childbirth the Catholic church was staunchly against it. They argued that painful childbirth was part of Eve's punishment for her transgression in the garden of Eden. Ether didn't exist when the Bible was written down so the church extrapolated from the Bible story about the fall of man that lessening women's pain in childbirth was sin.

Since condoms are a recent development believers use their understanding of their religion's teachings to judge it.

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'there is absolutely nothing in the bible that will forbid birth control. Because the bible was written BEFORE the invention of birth control.'

uhm actually condoms are several thousands years old... not the type we see today obviously.

as for your question about displeasing God, well that depends on your interpretation and your religion. Please do specify so that we can tell you what your version of God is displeased by.

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To be honest, I would rather 'sin' and protect myself from STD's and pregnancy. I was raised Catholic, but no longer practice it. I never agreed with the idea of not using condoms. I think its terribly out dated.

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God won't mind if you practice safe sex. It is not a sin.

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**Is it a sin according to the bible, to use condoms or birth conrol even if your married?**


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Actually it is. Kind of rediculous in this day and age.

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It's not! Birth control or not; if God wants you to have a baby, birth control won't work! Some use Tamar's 2nd husband as an example, but that wasn't a sin by spilling his seed on the ground. It was his disobedience in general. Furthermore, it's a sin unless married... Exodus 20:14 and Matthew 5:27-30. Cheers!

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