why is he doing this? :(

I told my teacher about my issues and such, I thawt I can trust him but now I think hes taking it the wrong way he prob thinks that b/c I tell him my feelings that, we can have a relationship,

this is how I know : I told him how I was raped before and I was saying why and how someone can do somthing like that, so he said “ I can quite put my finger on it” so he puts his hand on my knee,

I know its probably nothing, but I think I may like him. . .


Answer #1

If you do end up with him wait until your not a student and 18 or he will end up in jail. so be careful.

Answer #2

well first off yrah your teacher is a creep and your young so yeah thats some pee wee heman sh!t so next time you want to talk about your problems talk to a trusted friend or someone that will not want to take advantage of u.

Answer #3

BE CAREFULL , listen you if you need advice or help you got it on here , or by your friends , your teacher dosnt sound right , yeah them him help , but putting his hands on your knee , so sooo like diss respectfull , and its bound to scare you and do you really like im ?? because he sounds like he is brain washing you !!

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