Why is he acting this way?

So a couple of months ago I started talking to this guy. After a while of talking he said that he really liked me, only problem was that he was already in a relationship. We decided to stay as friends because of this. I figured that I should just try to avoid him even as a friend. He kinda did the same but like a month ago he contacted me again saying that he missed me and we sorta started to talk again.

This time though, I'm making sure to keep a boundary between the two, I'm avoiding any flirting from my side and I let him know to stop when he is just because I know that his girlfriend deserves some respect. It is really obvious though that he still has a crush on me, and just today when I saw him at school I was texting someone and he came over all mad asking who I was texting and to tell him the truth, almost made it seem as if I had to give him explanations because I'm his girlfriend.

Another thing that makes this confusing is the fact that whenever I see him with his girlfriend he seems really happy with her but then when he talks to me or has an encounter with me he I can see that he has feelings for me...I am so confused what could possibly explain his actions?

Any ideas would help :)

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It is possible to like two people at once. I am sure he is happy with her. Right now he has the girlfriend and he has you. The issue here is that you are not his girlfriend and he shouldn't be treating you like you are. You can text anyone you want and not have to explain it to him. He is overstepping the boundaries and he needs to stop it.

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ok his problem is he wants you both been there done that he dont want to stop dating her but he wants to stay with you it simple just tell straight "Dude back up off my jock we cant be friend if your gunna act this way an if you want to be my friend Stop acting like that" an if he says nothing say and if you want to be my boyfriend dump your girlfriend and get your act togather then walk away(:: Thats what I had to do so that should work for you too!

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