Why is having guy friends wrong?

Alright, I have a boyfriend who I have been with for over 2 years now. I’m 16 and I have a few male friends who are 2 years younger then me. They are really good friends, but the problem is my boyfriend thinks it’s a huge issue? I think he just might be jealous or something I don’t exactly know, I tried talking to him but he just doesn’t want me to be friends with them. All because their boys. But the thing is, I get along with guys more than what I do with girls, my boyfriend knows me from in, out. He knows I don’t go for younger guys, and there is no way in hell I am attracted to them. Just friends! I think it’s because he’s affraid to lose me. but he’s loosing me now! My friends want to meet him aswell, get to know my boyfriend but he insists in not to. My boyfriend is 18 by the way. It’s not fair I’m not aloud to have friends. It’s the same with girls aswell. please help! I love my boyfriend so much I just want him to be happy, and trust me. But if me having no friends keeps him happy then I guess it has to be :’( advice would be much appreciated!

Answer #1

I think he really is insecure. I mean these guys are 14 and he s 18 and he s still jelous. I couldnt imagine myself being jelous on kids. its not wrong to have dude friends in my opinion. But jealousy is a strong feeling so I dont think he get over it just like that. Maybe if he meet them and spend more time with them he ll get more comfortable with it.

Answer #2

Shouldnt date older guys they the most to get jealous. and also they can usually only get younger girls because the girls their age dont want them. so naturally they are insecure :/

Answer #3

Haha, thanks for the advice. I did meet my boyfriend before my friends but, because all my other friends before him I lost because of the same thing now, but they weren’t very good friends anyway, now I only talk to some of the good friends over net, not hang with them :(. I’ll try and take your advice and see if he comes around. He doesn’t have any girl friends, but if he had some I really wouldn’t mind. Aslong as I got to know them and get to trust them I would be fine! By the way I love how you took some time out to make a video for me hahaha. thanks for that, and I’ll be sure to check your youtube page.

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