Why is everyone in love with the bealtes?

Don’t take this the wrong way. I love the beatles sooo much! I’ve grown up with them.

But why all a sudden when rockband comes out, there the only shirts people wear. Only music people talk about. Only band thats on the web.

Answer #1

Because it’s the ‘Cool’ thing at the moment, people like to follow trends. Plus, so many people love the Beatles anyway so Rockband could have reminded them how much they like them.

Answer #2

people are suddenly reminded of how awesome they r I love them too! every song, but a lot of my friends don t like them… like th way a couple months ago michael jackson was ‘in’ again

Answer #3

Er, everyone has always been in love with The Beatles. It’s not a new thing that’s only happened since Rock Band.

Answer #4

Their music is so damn catchy and timeless. They’ll be famous forever.

Answer #5

the best is the white album…. hands down..

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