Why Is Deforestation a problem?

Why Are Tropical Rainforests Being Cut Down?

Can anyone answer this question? thx

Answer #1

lol :( :) :_:

Answer #2

deforestation is a problem because animals, different plants are there

and if you destroy that … were are they to go …?

animals will die because there habitat will be destroyed

Answer #3

Why are they being cut down? Well for medical purposes basicall and well waste to make paper and what not.

Why is it bad? Because trees like in the rainforest do this thing called photosynthesis and make oxygn that we breathe. lol.

Answer #4

yes, rainforests are being cut down thosuands of sqaure kilomiteres of trees get cut down every day deforistation is a prolem to both animals and people a lot of animals die or loose there homes during the process and some animals might be rare or the deforistation could cause there extintion and trees help circulate air not just around them, but around the world without trees we would all die because there wouldnt be any breathable oxygen

Answer #5

thank you all for answering this guys questioning because I am doing a report about the bad stuff of deforestation

Answer #6

Deforestation is a problem because deforestation leads to erosion, land degradtion, build up of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and many more. These are the major reasons for which deforestation is a problem in the world.

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