Why has my man withdrawn from me?

I’ve known this man for 8yrs we’ve always hada strong connection although I wouldnt take things anyfurther as he’s now 19 and im 22. We metup a few wks ago and slept together,we talked all night and bonded really well but the next day a girl we both now said badthings aboutme to him and since then he as avoided me and ignored me and now completely withdrawn I know he loves me and I lovehim we have such a strong bond and connection why as he done this?

Answer #1

When you say slept together, do you mean sex or literally shared your bed for a night’s slumber? Might not seem relevant, but I am curious, as to properly answer.

Just get through to him, any way possible. The biggest question is: was there anything to what that girl said? And if so, did it give him reason to not trust you? If that’s the case, how are you going to show him that your feelings are true, and that he can trust you?

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