Why has my cat been hiding?

My cat thats 2years old has been acting weird since yesterday. He acts like he was scarred of something. He hides underneath the bed and wont come out. When we taake him out he runs to the bathroom and hides either behind the toilet or in the bath tub. Usually hes very social. But since yesteray hes been acting very strange & he even scratched my dad which is something he never does. Whats wrong with him?

Answer #1

Their right, it might be sick or scared. Or maybe theres something paranormal going on, remember: animals can see things that we humans cannot see. spirits of some sort maybe? Go check it out . Hope this helps and your cat gets back to normal soon. : )

Answer #2

Like phrannie said, he may be sick. Or he may be scared. My cat went into hiding after she got into a fight with another cat. Stupid thing got so stressed out she had a fever that almost killed her (this happened in a matter of 24 hours). So I’d pay attention and see that he’s not sick.

Answer #3

Make sure he’s not sick…cats also hide when they don’t feel well.

He may have bumped into something during the day that did scare him…cats are strange…(my cat, who LOVED dogs…bumped into the neighbors dogs who weren’t cat friendly. They scared him so bad, he hid under the porch for a day and a half)…


Answer #4

Well perhaps you should look around and see is there is anything that might of frightened him… Perhaps another cat has been trying to fight with him? = )x

Answer #5

check the weather animals no when something is comeing and they hide

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