Why guys want sex

Why do guys always want sex when they have a girlfriend? I mean why not just love them. But they always want 2 have sex.Why?

Answer #1

because sex is fun and when your dating its like public so duh you have to do it

Answer #2

Because guys have lots of testosterone. Because of all those hormones, they want sex a lot more. Girls don’t have as much testosterone so they don’t crave sex as much as guys do.

Answer #3

Because most guys out there are pigs and sex is usually all they think about. Once they have had it, thats all they ever want.

Answer #4

ok, to the girl above me, I take offence to that, but its a hormone thing, once you get a guy turned on, its instince for them to try to have sex

Answer #5

Because sex is primal… its human nature to want it…

Answer #6

it is a hormone thing, it also shows LOVE, it is something that should be ONLY between two people who are committed to each other.

Answer #7

I agree with the top^^ I mean sure most of the time for us girls, the idea pisses us off, worries us, makes us happy, nervous, feel disgusted from boys… sumtimeshahah but yeah.. its juss their hormones, they cant control it. juss remmeebr tehir going throu an “unstable hormone” stage! ahha that word helped me out a lot during my life when I see a guy/… ahha ;) you know. so yeah. =] some thou when they get turned on, haev alrdy made a commitment which is purity ring or absitnence.. so not all uys will do it, some are for love adn can control. but you barllley find any like that hahah :)

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