why every body hate me ?

I hate my look and I hate my life … and every body hates me . I live a horrible life and I really need help and I dont think that it is fair for peaple to live happily and for others to live in pain I want to be loved and respected from peaple but I cant can any body help ?

Answer #1

why do you hate your look and your life? your right its not fair but it happens I’ve been through it and I wish it could all be better I know thats probably not what you wanna hear but try explaining why you feel the way you do and I’ll try to help

Answer #2

You have to first start off by loving yourself before anyone can love you in return. Accept the person that you are and itll come natural for others to accept you too. You must be confident and treat yourself as a doll at all times. If you hate your life, you should do things to better it instead of living in misery. I went through this exact thing but as I grew older (21 now) I had to realize that its my life and my job to make things better for myself. As far as your looks, its on you to make yourself look good and not everyone is going to think you are pretty but as long as you know, thats all that matters. And you should also know that guys like confident, pretty ,smart and women who are doing somethin with their lives. Thry dont like miserable women because they feel that the women will try to bring them down. Put on your best outfit, fix your hair and whatever else will make you feel beautiful and carry yourself with confidence…as if you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

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