Why dosent the choke chain work on my dog?

Why wont the choke chain work on my dog shes ten years old and pulls I tried her with the choke chain yesterday and she kept pulling help me my 4 year old shih tzu is also like that

Answer #1

You don’t say why breed the older dog is…if it’s a large breed or a small breed. One thing about working with a dog this age is they may be limited in their hearing…

If it’s a large strong breed, I use a prong collar. Choke collars are hard on a dogs neck and esophagus…prong collars are not. Also, the trick with a prong is to let the dog discipline itself…you don’t have to pull, yank, or jerk…you simply hold the leash. One trick I’ve used with a dog who pays little or no attention to where I’m going, is to command heel (of course they aren’t listening), and then do a 180 on them…they hit the end of the leash, and you’re going the other way…they learn pretty fast to pay attention to what I’m doing. (of course again…with a 10 year old dog, hearing may be a problem, so a loud HUP!!! …any short loud command might be easier…as long as it’s the same one every time)…If the older dog is small, then follow the directions for the Shih Tzu.

With the Shih Tzu…shorten your hold on the leash so that you can pull up, rather than back. The strongest part of a dog is the shoulders and neck…by pulling up, the dog has less resitance…(anytime you pull back on a dog, they automatically pull forward…) so pulling UP and saying HEAL!! at the same time, will teach her to listen, and eventually stay by your heel. Their behavior at the beginning of a walk will always be worse than the behavior towards the end of the walk…

Patience and consitancy…always…remind yourself you have all the time in the world to teach this.


Answer #2

Hello, are you sure you have the choke chain on correctly because that can effect it. The truth of it is is that choke chains are not as horrible as people think, I use to think they were inhuman as well but thats only if you dont have them on in the correct manner but with that exception they cause no other problems. If it still doesnt work then I can suggest either a halty as describe by ichibanarky or you can get the dogs attention with a treat hilst you walk by holding it in your hand and making sure he can see it, then use a command word like heel every now and then he will eventually get the idea but 0kai0 is correct that older dogs are harder to train but only because they have to be “untrained” first in order to be trained but always remember choke chains are NOT inhuman I learnt this fact from my three years of learning animal managment in college. I hope this is useful for you x

Answer #3

my ten year old dog is a mutt she is about 10-17libs I trained her in search shes really good at it and is the last of her kind what she is mixed with is such a good mix.she nos that when I say search she will find what I wanted her to find I’ve been training her for the past year its going well im only useing the choke chain to stop her pulling on walks I am 13 I did fully train this dog myself I’ve handled her and her mother her mother died at 13 in 07 her mother was the familys friend dog.so as I was saying this dog is train in search off chain work and and other stuff she is mixed with shih tzu lapsoapo beichon and terrer

Answer #4

there are other, nicer ways to train dogs. youve said its not working, dont keep using it. btw, while it can be beneficial for a dog to be trained, theyre here to be loved not “controlled”, the reasons for training a dog can be good but so he will be under your control, as you put it, doesnt sound like a good one. hes your pet, not your little soldier, so train him so he will come to you if hes in danger or so he will potty outside, dont use a choke chain and dont use control as a reason.

Answer #5

It could be because the dog is ten years old. When dogs get older, it gets much harder to train them.

Answer #6

im only useing it for training I trained my ten year in search so I want he under my controll

Answer #7

Get rid of the choke chain - it’s cruel and it doesn’t even work.

A halti (gentle leader) is designed to prevent the dog from pulling without resorting to inhumane tactics…please invest in one.

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