why dose my heart broken twice

my wish is that I find new girl’friend soon!

Answer #1

Did you know that 99% of teens haven’t actually had their heart broken?

You don’t really need a girlfriend at this age - you just think you do cause’ it’s the “norm.”

Go and enjoy your life while you can, sweetie. You will realise that you can live without a partner, sometimes it is better cause’ you can flirt with as many people as possible! and really, if you just keep going out with folk at this age, you will think that relationships are dispoable and you won’t be commited to relationships as much as you could be if you just waited.

Just wait, your time will come. Be patient.

Answer #2

Aww, don’t worry, you will sooner or later… Think of it this way… You have to get hurt so you know this different between the duds to the one… Yeah, it’s hard, but at least your getting more closer to the right person.. You just have to be patient..

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