Why dose he say he only want to be friends???//

Ok ill start from the beginning so we were at school on wendsday and this guy that I’ve known since grade 1 were sitting at the picnic tables after lunch and he said I like you a lot but I just want to be friends (he said that after I said would you go out with me)sooo am I dumb for ruening our friendship because now he wont even talk to me:( we have every class together as well we were in math and he just started to stare at me and I stared back and he wouldnt look away.im confused if the attraction is there the chemistry is there why would he want to stay fiends???help!!!

Answer #1

Maybe he doesnt want a girlfriend yet Maybe he likes you, but doesnt like you in a “girlfriend” kind of way. Boys are werid. Next time he stares at you ask him why he keeps doing that

Answer #2

your stuck in the friend zone and you really cant get out once your in da friend zone he wont wanna get wit you and say oh I dont wanna be with you to like mess up wit our friendship

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