Why dont you get it ?

you guys should know where the problem really is in the crisis

people dont buy goods, factories thus dont have anyone to sell goods and thus make lay-offs. The number of unemployed people is growing, people with no jobs dont have any money and thus dont buy goods

its like a circle, and obama is doing right, he gives more money to people so that they spend it again, buy goods and factorieds could produce goods and people could go to work

its like a circle that is ceased now. obama wants to get the circle moving again

dont you get it ? its not about communism. its about paying close attention to whats the problem and how to solve it

Answer #1

hes taking money away from the upper class… they imploy the middle class. The housekeepers get fired, gardeners, ect

the upperclass will always be rich.. the middle and lower class suffer wit obama..

people deserve the cash they make.. he will raise the taxes,

your theory is correct but obama will only wesen the problem.

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