Why dont I lose weight???

Im fat I cant lose weight I was jump roping about an hour I think I dont remeber why didnt I lose weight???by the way I jumped 151 witch was tiring at first but I mad it d:

Answer #1

and thats an awful idea anyways? Your exercise has to be consistent, and you have to have a healthy diet that goes along with it or you wont notice results.

Answer #2

I’m in the same boat as you hun. It will take a long time for you to notice the results. But keep at it everyday. Do you own a wii? If so, I really suggest getting Wii fit. It will be a very easy start to remembering to excercise. It even has a chart to show you your results day by day and it even has some fun games you can play. I’m 22, and I use the wii fit with my boyfriend to keep him entertained while we exercise. Here’s a few things I do to lose weight

Exercise in the morning, on an empty stomach. Doing so means that instead of getting rid of all the food you just ate, it will use your stored fat as energy instead, really good for losing stomach fat.

After a good hours worth of exercise (30 mins min) Eat some fruit. Keep at it everyday and you’ll notice it. Not right off the bat tho, good luck!! :)

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