Why dont i have a boyfriend?? : (

Im wondering why I've never had a boyfriend ... Im not sure if im too ugly or fat or to nerdy or shy.all I am is myself... All my friends have had boyfriends and there first kiss.. Im 15 and im still single and I'd really love to have a boyfriend..so what ya think I can do and why maybe I never had a boyfriend ...

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thtas all you can really do is be yourself.
but maybe try to open up more, like join clubs and things to meet new people and maybe youll make guy friends who can be something more or you can meet a girl with a hot brother or something=]

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hmm ahh well I cant really say anything, I was lucky because girl I'm with I've known since I was 6. Only girl I have liked ever and same with her =P

But bee more open and maybe make the first move as far as asking a guy out instead of the other way around.

hope that helped=P

I dont know what I want and what im feeling :S

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