Why don't guys like to kiss?

sooo I just hooked up w/ this guy but like the wholeee entire time he like kept trying to avoid kissing untill finally I like practically forced him to kiss me but still, whyd he keep doing that like the whole time???

my friend told me that some guys dont like making out w/ girls they just hookup w/ bc it means theres like less of a commitment between them? is that the reason he didnt want to???

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um..sorry sweetie you might not wana hear this...but...usually when a guy does that he just doesnt wanna do anything with you at all but doesnt wanna tell you directly...he just expects you to read his body language...guys are jerks sometimes.

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Sounds to me he was a jerk that wanted a lip lock, but not one above his chin. Speaking as a guy, ANY guy that is into a girl ALWAYS likes kissing (among other things). I'm not saying kissing is a sure sign that he is into you, just that if he is into you, he likes it.

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hahaha yeaa i mean that coulddd be the case except for he like asked me to hookup w/ him like when we were sitting somewhere w/ a group of ppl he was like wait can i ask you something real quick and then we like walked up to this place and like idkk i thinkkk he just wanted me to give him head bc he was like doing the whole feeling up thing like reeeallyy fast and tried fingering me but i stopped him bc i wanted us to like makeout first for a little and then after a while of that he like was like trying to like push my head down so id give him head but i mean idkkk like does that really mean he didnt wanna do anything eventhough heee asked mee to??

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