Why don't people use Real Estate lawyers?

When people buy or sell real estate they usually have a real estate agent, but why don’t people hire real estate attorneys?

Answer #1

For the most part my experience with this has all be negative. I own seven rental Properties and have saved over $300,000 just from not using them. So it’s really a preference.

Answer #2

Most people do not know that they have the option. It’s like title insurance, I think everyone buying real estate should get it. The closing attorneys are working for the mortgage company not the agents, sellers, nor buyers.

Answer #3

Honestly, the smart ones do. Or they have an agent who works with a lawyer. People who decide to go without the lawyer are doomed to chance for best possible outcome to their homebuying experience.

Answer #4

Yes very less people know about real estate lawyer. but real estate lawyer plays very important role to buy/sell real estate. They can review the terms of the sale and the purchase agreement, making sure that everything in the sale/purchase is covered and that nothing was left out. If any issue occur during or after deal he will work to fix the problem. You have to find the good deal for yourself, all other legal activity have been done by your real estate lawyer.

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