Why don't other countries use freshman,sophomore,junior,senior??

Was wondering how come no other countries use the terms freshman, sophomore, Junior, and senior?? well I don’t know about Canada, but what about UK???

Answer #1

in ther uk we go up in years. after nursery and reception we have year 1 and 2 in infant school then we have year 3 year 4 year 5 and year 6 in junior school then we have year 7 year 8 year 9 year 10 and year 11 in secondary school. then after that you have a choice of leaving school or going into the sixth form, which is where you do your A-levels.

Answer #2

because the rest of the world doesn’t come up with BS like so many Americans do!! We dont use those terms in Australia - simply first, second third fourth etc year student

Answer #3

lol Canada does not use Junior shophomore etc. and in Canada a lot of high schools start from grade 10 and go to grade 12, not from grade 9 like you guys do. We also have a entirely different education system and we may be trying to separate our selfs from your educational system

Answer #4

In the UK we have Nursery school which is optional from as young 1 in certain places to 4 or 5. Others only take you from 3 years old. After is primary school from Reception (age 4 or 5) to year 6 (10 turning 11 - 11). Then it’s secoundary school which is from year 7 - year 11 (age 11-16) then we have college or sixthform or sixth form college-all the same thing on the same level just a differant environment which starts from age 16 in september after you leave school after your GCSE exams (from mid-May to mid-June) for two-three years depending on your course or whether you passed your GCSE’s with A*’s to C’s or not. Then you go to Uni from 18-19 if you go through the education system without a break. But you can go to college (NOT SIXTH FORM OR SIXTH FORM COLLEGE WHICH ARE FROM AGE 16-19 ONLY) if you are an adult but you have to pay for it unlike those from 16-19 years old. Everyone has to pay for Uni.

Answer #5

I don’t know but I think it’s cool using those names to decipher between the different ages in school years. In australia we just use grade 1- grage 6 in primary school then year 7- year 12 in high school. It’s boring doing this and gives no enthusiasm to a student. being called a senior gives you the confidence to do well as you are setting an examply and makes life seem a bit more fun, so I think all countries all over the world should use these terms to differentiate between different student ages.

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