Why don't guys cry?-guys only

Im not saying cry infornt of everybody when somthing happens, but if your alone with somebody like your girlfriend or wife and your really upset about something why dont you cry? Im sure some of you do but I’ve never seen a guy cry! My boyfriend got reallly upset abotut something serious and called me and told me about it, he was really upset but he didint cry and just kinda said I don’t want to talk about it anymore. When I m upset I cry to him all the time and he makes me feel better. But why does he seeem to hide his emotions from me?

Answer #1

Okkk girls yes guys do cry. There are guys to just don’t have the sensitivity to cry or hides to fact. If there is something really sad that happen to me I would cry. Not sob like girls do but yeah shed tears. I cry when Im like oooddd upset about something, but its like a quick minute two minute thing. Unlike girls.. guys don’t cry there mascara off. But just to show that we’re human beings yeah we shed tears. My friend couldn’t cry when his mother died, after a little while he just broke down. I can’t speak for those oh so tough guys so I don’t know about them and im not a little bit*h either. So I consider it normal to cry over a break-up from a guy, but its another world if a guy cries because his friends won’t play with him or something like that you know? And I hope I don’t make myself sound like one of those gay guys who hangs out with girls a lot. sooo P E A C E!

Answer #2

I know sum guys that cry l. And sum girls that don’t (me) but just bc guys or girls don’t cry doesn’t mean they don’t want t. I just. Can’t ge the point of emotional stress to cry,I just don’t let it bug me.

Answer #3

I think men tend to not cry because they feel it’s a sign of weekness and they dont want to seem wet and sissy! “like a girl” I think thats why some men dont tend to cry in front of people. Hope I helped x x x

Answer #4

I’m just like your boyfriend. Some people just cant cry in front of people - I know it sounds weird. But they don’t feel the emotions strong enough until they are alone. It doesn’t make sense to people who can cry in front of anyone - but I know what I’m talking about. I cant cry in front of my friends/boyfriend when I have one, it just doesn’t happen. Even my parents have barley ever seen me cry. The only time they have seen me cry is when a close family member has died and we were at the ceremony. So your boyfriend may WANT to be able to, but he just mentally cant and you need to accept that because I’m telling you straight up its not something he can control even though it sounds weird.

Answer #5

my boyfriend has cried in front of me several times…in times of great stress, in times of grief, in times of depression…my boyfriend is the strongest person I know, he bears all of the pressure he is put under very well and he does it without complaining…but I have seen times when the pain becomes to great and he needs someplace to turn to…and that is what I’m there for…he has sheltered me when I have felt scared or sad and when he needs safety, I’m here…

its okay for guys to cry…they have emotions same as us girls. I respect my boyfriend for his honesty and I think its healthy to cry…I admire his tears as much as his strength…

Answer #6

I don’t know why guys don’t cry, girls that know me well will spill their hearts out to me, and ask for hugs and kisses to make it go away, I’ve only ever cryed once, it was the night my really close relation died, I was out and my dad called me on my mobile and I went round the back of the building, to think and then my ex (who wasn’t my ex then came and sat down beside, a few tears came, she gave me hugs and kisses an di moved on, so I guess its only the really importants things to a guy would make him cry, possibly.

Answer #7

I had a boyfriend for 8 months & he cried on the phone with me once. he didn’t admit it until a long time after though and made an excuse for why he was crying. some guys though just aren’t that emotional & don’t let things bother them enough to make them cry. girls deal with problems by talking about it but guys deal with them by ignoring them & not mentioning them.

Answer #8

Whoa, I hate myself for this, I truly dislike this about me, but it is easier to create a new universe than to have me cry in front of people or even alone. It’s extremely difficult especially when I want to cry to show grief over a loved ones death. It’s not that I don’t want to cry its that I CAN’T cry. lolz My girlfriend hates that I don’t cry and thinks the same as you, but maybe he is like me and its difficult to cry.

[ Now that I think of it my parents also tell me that I rarely cried even as a little child ]

Answer #9

I’ve never cryd in front of a girl in my life. it takes a lot just to piss me off and make me cry

Answer #10

im 14 (boy) and I cry and realy sensitiv thats why my girlfriend loves me

Answer #11

its because after so long of not crying it is hard to. Believe me when I say, sometimes we want to =\

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