Why doesn't my laptop have windows movie maker already on it?

I got a new laptop a few months ago. It has windows 7 and all the new stuff but it doesnt have windows movie maker which is a bummer cause I love making movies and stuff. Should it have it on it? I've looked but it really doesnt seem to be there. Also on my keyboard there is a bluetooth sign but when I press it, it shows up on the screen as a bluetooth sign with a cross through it. does this mean my laptop doesnt have bluetooth or what?
Thanks :)

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Windows 7 doesn't come with movie maker you need to download it from here.

As for the bluetooth problem I'm not sure but maybe you need to configure your wireless router to allow your laptop to receive a signal.

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windows 7 doesn't come with it. thats why you can download it for free now. you can download it at microsoft.com.

the bluetooth problem is most likely because of signal. check to make sure you're at least over a bar!!

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You can download from here
If you meet some problem when editing video, or videos doesn't compatible with windows movie maker, you can look here http://www.pavtube.com/video_converter/ find a way to solve the problem when you can't import the video into windows movie maker.

Windows Movie Maker Free Download - For Windows 7/8/10/Xp/Vista
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