Why doesn't everyone cut Tiger Woods a Break?

I mean really– he’s just a golfer. Its not like he’s a politician, isn’t that right Mr. Edwards, Gov. Sanford, and Gov. Spitzer.

Answer #1

because hes famous if your famous and do soemthing wrong the whole world will know about it and famous people have hundreds of thousands-millions of fans when a famous person say has an affair behing his wifes back with 11-13 (however many) different girls that isnt going to go down well, because that isnt good news he is a celebrity, hes had an affair a lot of women and women who were fans of him are now going to hate him because of that, and men will too and a lot of sponsers obviosly had to cancel there sponsoship with him because it was such BIG news they dont want to be related to soemone having an affair with over 10 people that doesnt make there company look good so hes upset his wifes upset millions of fans are upset the sponsors are upset why do people hate him? because he cheated on his wife with over 10 girls if you had a boyfreind/husband/girlfreind/wife, ect and they cheated on you, not necessarily with 10 people, even just one im sure you would hate them at the time why dont they cut him a break? because its still big news, and news like that doesnt go away easily

Answer #2

it really doesn’t matter whether or not he’s a politician, simply it’s because he’s a public figure and in our society public figures are held at different standards than everyone, and even within their worlds there can be some variances…ie jackass guys can get by with stuff others couldn’t…

ultimately I think they should have given him a break but then the more and more ladies that came out just made me think… really tiger? come ‘on… I mean have you seen his wife?

I don’t know overall I think people do need to get over the lives of public figures in general, in the case of mr woods, he really really should have stopped sooner, at least keep the number to one hand

Answer #3

Because they find it as a shock that a public idol is.. Well.. human.

I really couldn’t care less but others who’s children look up to him might take offense. Magazines do it to make money as well as news channels. It shouldn’t matter for politicians either. They are just as human as you and me.. and Tiger.

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