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Why does tissue make my vagina bleed.

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When I am done urinating I wipe my vaginal ara as everyone does. However it seems as if the tissue decides to break down into little pieces in that area. And with it being so moist when I go to urinate again the litlepieces are stil there only now they are wet. So I get new tissue and try to get the old tissue out. But the wiping {whether I do it gently or not gently} tears my vaginal skin and I begin to bleed. I've used 2 ply 3ply and several different brands and had the same results. I dont know if its my pubic hair because its very short. All I know is that when my thin vaginal skin tears, it make it burn when I urine because the urine has to go pass my torn bleeding skin. I'm 16 years old and a virgin so please dont say I have an std or anything like that lol! =]