Why does my tongue bleed for hours if I bite it?

everytime I bite my tounge. it bleeds for like 4 hours ! like a little bit but non stop ! & how does it stop. its been bleading since like 10. & hasent yet stopped its 3:03 now ! THANKS LOTS !!!

Answer #1

the bleeding should have stopped by now. When you bite your tongue it is good to gargle something to clean the cut out, since your mouth is full of germs you don’t want it to get infected. have you tried putting in some guys to apply pressure to it? Excessive bleeding can mean that your blood is clotting like it should.

Answer #2

oh yeah I do that all the time suck it it will stop

Answer #3

DUH ! its not like I do it on purpose. I was chewing gum & BAM I bit myself on accident.

Answer #4

you must seek for medical help bleeding is no game

Answer #5

why do you bite your tounge???

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