Why does she ignore me on MSN?

Okay. So heres the situation. I get back from Germany after 2 years, meet all my friends again. One girl, well, I discover I really like her. (My taste in girls has changed :P) We would talk for hours on msn, up till the early hours of the morning, and talk abit in school too. Things got more and more ‘’obvious’’ over msn. It got to the point where I told her I liked her. She said she felt the same. Only problem was she was worried about what her friends would think. Self-concious, yeah?

So its tuesday night, and me, her and some other friends all go to the fair. After that night, she started to ignore me on msn. She’d very rarely reply. And if she did, it would be one-word replies, you know? And I dont thinkshe would be away, caus otherwise her status would automaticly change to away, right? So she’s ignoring me now? :S

Dont know, very confusing =P

Answer #1

for one back off she wants some space and for two her friends might of made a comment to her about you and they could of called you over obessive so give her some space

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