Why does rape hurt

I have never been raped so I’m completely unsure. why does getting raped hurt??? is it because its a lot more forceful and rough, if you like, than just sex?

Didn’t mean to hurt anyone by that its just been on my mind.

Answer #1

Okay, first of all rape doesn’t always hurt. Yes, it is unwanted sex. No, a woman (or man) does not always get beaten when he or she is raped. Mostly, when you get raped and it hurts it is because you are 1) not wet 2) not relaxed and you are panicking 3)he is too big 4) you’re a virgin. There are many reasons that rape can hurt. However, just because you were not beaten doesnt mean that it was not rape. Even if you got wet and it felt good does not mean that it was not rape. Sometimes you just can not help how your body reacts to things. If you say no and he or she does it anyway than it is rape.

Answer #2

Rapist usually don’t just have sex with the victims. There is usually brutality involved. The women get hit, punched, cut, abused, etc. Also, when someone is forcing something into you, it’s going to hurt obviously because if you are not wet down there, the friction can cause tears in the vagina, which would obviously hurt like hell. Also, many rapist are into sodomy, can you imagine having someone force something into your butt with no lube. Then let’s think about being tied up, gagged, having objects forced into your vagina that are not supposed to go there (broom sticks, knives, etc.)

That does not even get into the emotional hurt that it causes.

Answer #3

The most pain accompanies the emotion and psychological trauma…

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