Why does my pee have a foul odor and it is cloudy?

My urine has a foul odor to it and is cloudy, especially in the mornings. It doesn’t burn or hurt to pee though. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong?

Answer #1

In the morning, urine is concetrated because you haven’t drank anything to dilute it, and it’s been held in the bladder all night. The bladder naturally sheds dead cells, and that could be part of why it is cloudy. If you had a bladder infection, you’d know it…it’s painful. Drink lots of water during the day…take concentrated cranberry pills from the heath food store, and see if it won’t take some of the cloudiness away (the acid in cranberries helps the bladder shed dead cells faster, and my clear up your urine).


Answer #2

Also be sure you staying hydrated. Drink several galsses of water throughout the day.

Answer #3

Try drinking morewater or fluids.

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