Why does my nail polish have to come off so easily?

Everytime I use black nail polish, it chips off so easily, I have to paint my nails like everyday? Then a day after it’s chipping off! Why the helll does this happen?

Answer #1

Try buy good quality nail polish, and clean the surface of your nail first to get rid of any grit or oils, also putting a clear coat over the top helps them last longer, and making sure the nails are dry before you do anything. Hope this helps =)

Answer #2

what I do to keep the polish on my daughter longer wipe your nails with alchol. it wipe away all of the stuff. it lasts longer. she is only 3 and her hands are always getting wet and she loves her nails to have color. hope this helps.

Answer #3

I put clear nail polish BEFORE the black… then I put it on top. I got some $5 nail polish from Old Navy and it chips off by the next day. The clear nail polish helps.

Answer #4

I think if you put to many coats on, it makes a thicker layer and is easier to chip off, especially with cheaper nailpolish. Could that be it? You should try putting on one coat(even though the color’s not as pretty) and see if that’s it. Hope I’ve helped! (=

Answer #5

a few coats a clear should help you out a little maybe make it last a couple days longer, it doesnt stay on my nails either thats why acrylics are the way to gooo

Answer #6

dont buy cheap nail polish I dont use nail polish b/c the smell bothers me

Answer #7

Maybe it’s cheap.Cheap nail polish sucks.Put some clear on top should protect it for a bit.=)

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