Why does my left breast hurt?

I’m only 13, I’m a virgin so I can’t be prego, but my left breast REALLY hurts. And when I feel it I feel this hardish mass like…inside or something, and that’s what’s hurting. Also, there was this Watery yellowish/clear liquid leaking from it.

Answer #1

Mkay, so I’m pretty confident I know what’s going on. So what do I do to ease the pain before I decided I have to go see a doctor, or before it goes away? I ran out of those pain releif heat pad things, and pills aren’t working.

Answer #2

That’s not normal to be leaking any substance from your breasts. It’s probably a cyst, because you are starting with puberty, in any case tell your mother. You need to see a doctor ASAP.

Answer #3

Cancerous growths don’t usually hurt, so its most likely an infection of some sort. Either way you should go see your doctor.

Answer #4

If pain killers, heating pads and things of that sort don’t help - you should get it a doctor ASAP. Even if the pain goes away before you get to one, you should still go and tell them what happened. Take notes on everything that’s happened. Write down when you first noticed the pain/leaking and how long it’s lasted. Also note if it gets worse. To help ease the pain in the meantime - try taking showers as hot as you can stand them, maybe try gently massaging it, maybe even try ice.

Answer #5

I agree with maplesugur - I doubt it’s breast cancer. The hardish mass your feeling could be a cyst or something, but since you said it’s leaking watery yellowish/clear liquids, it could be some sort of an infection… or it could be part of the cyst. I’m not a doctor, so don’t quote me. Your best would be to tell your mom/dad and have one of them make you a doctor’s appointment ASAP. The doctor will be able to exam you and figure out what’s actually going on.

Answer #6

yeah, I’ve heard of 7 year olds getting breast cancer, it can happen.

Answer #7

Hun, it might be breast cancer.. Have your mom look at it and go to the doctor..

Answer #8

at 13??

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