Why does my husband get mad at me for looking at his phone???

Ok here we go. I have been with this guy for 3 years now. In the past I have caught him talking to other girls. So every now and then I go through his phone just to see whats in there. But he gets so mad at me when I look through it. We are married now. I just need some help with this. Why does he get some mad at me for this? Is he still hiding stuff for me?

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I have a little advise to give you. I went through the same thing. I do know that all the signs were presented to you before you married him. You knew what kind of man you were marrying. Either you can be strong enough to deal with him the way he is, or leave him. There is no in between, other than sacrificing your mental happiness. You know, you can always switch this around... Remember in a cat and mouse chase, the one chasing makes the other run away. Don't make him runaway. Stop chasing, and looking for pain. You need to value yourself. Think "why would someone ever cheat on me, I'm the ish"! Now go on and live your life, Love your husband, DO NOT ask any jealous questions. Act like his phone doesn't exist. Then sit back and watch just how fast he starts chasing you!

Hope this helps! ;)

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sadly I have learned in my past when a guy gets mad for you looking at his phone it may be because he is hiding something. don't freak out just yet tho. it may be something else

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He thinks you don't trust him, or he wants his privacy, most likely. The less likely, less preferable possibility is that he's cheating on you and doesn't want you to know. Other than that, talking to other girls doesn't really mean anything. A person can be friends with people of the opposite gender. Don't get suspicious yet.

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sounds like he gets upset because you don't trust him, and honey if he wants to cheat he can call anyone he wants and delete the call when he is done. YOU need to learn to trust and if something tells you different or has told you different then maybe you both should have not gotten married, You will never be happy with out trust

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He could be, or he could be upset because he feels you don't trust him. (You have a good reason not to).
Just talk to him.

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Thanks yall this is all very helpful. but check this out. He has recently put a lock code on his phone that way I can't look at it. Yesterday I seen what it was and figured I would just take a look. I seen that he has been talking to this girl for the past few days. They weren't talking about anything bad. but if they were just friends why would he hide talking to her. Saturday night we kinda got into this fight and his started texting someone I asked him who he was texting and he told me that it was his phone not mine and that I need to stop asking who he is texting. Then he told me it was is aunt. But last night I see that it was really another girl that he was texting. So why would he lie about talking to her?

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I forgot to add if they were just friends at the end of that

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If I caught my girlfriend going through my phone, expecting to find soemthing, I'd say the relationship was doomed

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I say if hes doing it cause he thinks you dont trust him then dont you think that would make you not trust him even more makes no sence to me looking at a phone has nothin to do with trust I let my boyfriend look at my phone idc cause I have nothin to hide but he has a lock on him phone too I wish I could figure it out its drivin me insaine cause if there is a lock there is somthin to hide

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You’d be mad too if someone you thought you could trust was snooping around with “your” phone. It sounds to me like the trust in your relationship has been irrevocably damaged. Sure, you may have caught him talking to other women before, but to go searching through his phone only compounds the problem.

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I think your husband is still cheating on you. For this person, adultery is a normal phenomenon, not an exception. Therefore, he is sure that you have betrayed him or betray him. I advise you all the same to follow him, his messages and where he goes. I'm sure that this will reveal an unpleasant truth for you. But with such a person it is better not to build a life for the future ...

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