Why does my hair get greasy quickly :(?

So for awhile now my hairs been rather annoying. I never used to wash it everyday but then I had to start washing it everyday because it got really greasy. Its so annoying and I dont know what to do; its so much effort to wash it everyday and it cant be good for my hair either; can anyone help?!?!?!

Answer #1

Um lay off the washing believe it or not washing it too much can strip out it’s natural oils which causes it to a make more oil along with it’s regular oil, or make it super dry. I’m notlying most of my friends moms are hairdressers and that happens to a lot of people. But, you can always use a clarifying shampoo to get out oils and dirt, and eat food like coconut, coconut milk, avacado, salmon, nuts like almonds, peaches , and so on.

Answer #2

The only thing I can think of is if your eating loads of junk food, try and cut down on it a bit. Also, apparently salmons good for your hair. Maybe you just need to use a different shampoo. Sorry I’m not much help x

Answer #3

Yeahh it does depend on what you eat but its also how you treat your hair, like if you use a lot of heat on it or hair products, them kind of things always make your hair worse when it comes to greasyness also touching it a lot with your hands is a bad thing as your hands carry a lot of bacteria no matter how many times you wash them… just try using a lot less heat and products on it… it should help if not try cutting down on the junk food, that is one of the main causes… sorry if that doesn’t help x

Answer #4

It’s actually good to wash and condition your hair everyday. It won’t do anything to your hair but clean it, which seems like what you’re requesting.. cleaner hair? Just, jump in the shower once a day, shampoo twice (the first time only loosens up the dirt and buildup on your scalp, the second time gets it out), and use conditioner. Another trick I learned, is to rinse your hair normally, and before you get out of the shower, re-rinse it with cold water. This will close the hair follicles, and will lock in moisture, therefore making your hair healthier and shinier looking, instead of greasy. Good luck. I hope I helped. -SmexehAzz2173

Answer #5

keep washing it a try a different brand of shampoo

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