Why does my dog lick herself down there?

why does my dog lick herself down there? I know all dogs do this, but why?
I am confused.

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to clean themselves. Its their version of tiolet paper. and im not kdding. its true.

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because theyre mastrubating.
haha no.
shes just cleaning herself.

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Thats the way they clean there self.Like u take a shower or a bath.

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She's either cleaning herself, or she's in heat!

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to make them selves clean

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Hmmm..... well the "because they can" response is pretty funny, but not quite true. The cleaning thing isn't quite true or else dogs wouldn't have urges to roll in things that smell like funky old urine.

Truthfully, this is an instinct that the dog's mother imprinted on the pup to help it use the bathroom. When a dog is stimulated in that area by licking it keeps their bathroom habits nice and regular. Some dogs do grow an affinity for the smell and will do this a little more than necessary, but it is a behavior that is completely normal in a dog and shouldn't be discouraged.

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Have you ever seen a dog use toilet paper?! thats just their way of cleaning!

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Some suggest that she may have some kind if infection.

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eew no dog would fricking lick there vagina if they were in heat they would find a male dog she's just cleaning herself because she doesn't have thumbs to use toilet paper but that would be funny.

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My dog keeps licking her crotch, and it really smells...you can smell her two or sometimes five feet away! We got her fixed and she still stinks. She was fixed at a young age and is very old. a 11 yr old Shepard. Can fixed dogs go through a menopause or go through heat which would cause them to lick and/or stink? She is so gross...

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my dog licks herself like crazy when she is in heat! Thats not true. Does anyone read what others write before they post themselves? This is how all the untruths get spread in the first place. I wish everybody would make sure they are correct before they start educating others!

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i get the whole it's natural thing, and don't discourage, but can you tell me why she whines while doing the deed?

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