Why does my dog get so nervous around this person?

My dog isn’t nervous around strangers or family members, except for my step-son. The step-son used to smoke and coughs all the time. I know his cough bothers my dog, but can you think of anything else that could trigger the nervousness?

Answer #1

It could be smell…the dog maybe associating your brothers personal oder (to a dog, a very powerful thing), with his coughing, his smoking, or any number of things…He also, may have done something to the dog (not necessarily a horrible thing)…but something that frightened this dog…

It could also easily be his body language…dogs read body language with each other and with people…if your step-son is even a little bit afraid of the dog, the dog can read that in his mannerisms…and to a dog this reads…”if HE is afraid, then there is something to be afraid of”…


Answer #2

maybe he did something to your dog in the past so whenever the dog sees him he gets nervous and goes into defense mode

Answer #3

yea maybe he havent been around them

Answer #4

Maybe your son hasnt been around long enough and your dog still considers him a stranger.

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