Why does my cat stare at me?

Why does my cat stare at me ?

Answer #1

Sometimes it wants attention- sometimes it doesnt mean anything.. cats are curious animals and like to inspect or look at things/people from far away or up close.. dont take it personally my cat does it too mostly if you’re doing something noisy or making a crunching sound.

Answer #2

My cat hates my husband and she stares at him a lot. I think it could be because she’s watching him to make sure he doesn’t hurt her. She’ll stare at me, but it’s in a different way. Weird!

Answer #3

LOL @ Andy!! I think cats are spacey…mine stares at everything…Maybe it’s because they are nocturnal, so when they’re around us during the day, they’re just plain tired?? Maybe? :)


Answer #4

Because she wants somethinfg from you! Like food, water, or she wants you to play with her, or she wants to be petted! My cat does the same thing!

Answer #5

That is how most animals talk to their owners believe it or not…My pets do it all the time…

Answer #6

because cats are gay and retarded

Answer #7

aw your looks just like mine… I have no idea, mine doesnt do the staring thing…

Answer #8

because she wants your attention, or, maybe she just wants to! I don’t know!! ;)

Answer #9

because it likes you and wants to play

Answer #10

Thats you cat way of talking to you!

Answer #11

I agree with oklahoma

Answer #12

thats there way of telling you they love you if he blinks thats called eye kisses.

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