Why does my brother get treated better?

Okay my brother is ten and im 14 and he always gets treated like he is better than me,
like when I was 9 he threw a water gun at my head and he got timeout for 5 minutes actualy he got up at three minutes and didnt even get in trouble and I got grounded for 4 weeks.
or when he jammed my middle finger I got in trouble not him even though he kicked me.
or in the car he will stick his tongue out at me and flick me off and sh!t and my mom will yell at me she is all like your older you should ignore it but it pisses me off how am I suppose to ignore it.
why do I get treated like sh!t and he gets treated like he was heaven sent?

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my brother is the same way. my mom treats like like he's about four years old when he's 11 and I'm 12, almost 13, so we are really close in age. she has never treated me nearly as good as she treats him and whenever I bring it up she uses the "he's the baby" excuse and it really gets to me. I always wish that I could have been younger. and as we get older I realize that it's not even my broters fault, it's all my mom. me and my brother are good friends a lot of the time, we go to movies, get ice cream and do things that other people would do with their friends. my mom is so hard on me and she NEVER punishes him. when we get in fights everything always becomes my fault. every weekend when I sit at home with him and his friends my mom says "oh next week you can have yur friends over" and obviously that never happens because apperently I get so much more than him. I get so confused and mad when my mom says she loves us equally because there is no way that could ever be true andeven worse how she doesn't even notice it. I hate being older and I wish that sometime she would notice. I try talking to her all the time like after dinner when I'm doing dishes and he is sitting on the couch playing the wii. she always goes back to "he isn't capable of doing what you did when you were his age" when he totally is I don't even see why he wouldn't be able to. as I sit here and type this it's my friday off and my brother is out with his friend and I'm at home where I've been watching tv and on the computer doin he same thing I have been for hours because I can't call a friend of do anything because it's his weekend...once again.

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I was the exact opposite. I was a little daemon to my sister but even when she would do something to me my parents ALWAYS yell or smacked me around a bit.

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It's probably because he is younger than you and because he is a boy. I was the younger child and I got away with murder. It's also expected of boys to be rough and tough. ( "Oh he threw something at you?, he's just being a boy") I don't care what people say, the sex that you are def. matters. It's also expected of you, being the older child, to know better.

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I know it is realy hard to ignore something like that ... it is the same way at my house ..
my dad went out and bought him a 4-wheller and wont even take me to the mall to but some clolths ( I only have 2 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans )

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Wait, He threw a water gun at you and you got grounded for 4 weeks without even doing anything?

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I always get yelled at too.like today me and my brother got in a fight and he tried to hit me with a plate so I punced him then he bit me and made me bleed,but I get yelled at and he doesnt.my brother and I are 16 months apart im older.one big reason he gets treated better is that he is the youngest and the only boy.and now he is causing so much probs beacause he is a b+#ch,and he doesnt ake his adhd meds

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My Bro is always getting treated better too, im 13 and hes 9, it so sh!t cause hes getting $20 a month same as me, when I was his age I only got like 3 bucks a week. It's so frickin annoying! Also I got a HOW TO DO MATHS BOOK from the library, cause im crap at maths, and I find it really intriguing, then he goes and gets it, and you know that feeling when its like, oh, thats my thing, I dont want anybody else to get obsessed with it, and right now hes at the dinner table with mom and working his way through it, and I cant exactly say he cant read it. ARGHHH
Hes always annoying me and pissing me totally of and I just want to kick him so hard, and then when I do because hes a dickhead, moms just like "Coron, dont do that! and I get like grounded or have to stay in my room for the evening, and he gets a telling off. AN INCY-WINCY TELLING OFF. And he started it!!!
Oy yes, AND we have to share a room. HOW TOTALLY SUCKY, wanna kick the motherf***r out the window.

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I know how you feel. Growing up I had two younger brothers. One was four years younger and one was ten years younger. During certain situations I would always get in more trouble than my younger brothers, when their behavior seemed to be worse than mine.

Now that I am older I see that my parents just expected more out of me, because I was the oldest. The yonger kids usually just get away with more because they are younger than you... Your parents dont mean to favor them or make you feel bad, but they have to discipline you in a different way than your younger brother, because you both are different ages!

Dont feel bad! Once your a little older and so is your brother it will start to change!

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Omg. Mabe the next time he does something and your mom yells at you tell her that you didnt do anything and you get yelled at for no reason and if it takes her so long to see your brother is the main one causeing the problems she should open her eyes!!

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well maby it has sumthin to do with being a teen mom?
im not judging.
but some parents look at there children but they refuse to admit it but thats just how it is. sucks but yeah

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I have a younger sister then a younger brother. they're only half though. I see them on the weekends when I stay at my dads. for a long time they would do things to me and I would get introuble for no reason. it got to the point where I was so sick of it I just stopped speaking to them. dad, step mom, sister and brother. they eventually say I was write and now because of my brother my sister is being treated like I was. but they like to annoy me on purpose together as like a duo of morons. they would run in my room screem yell and run around then run out every 3 minutes. so I locked my door. eventually my step mom got so mad she had my father take it down. and once again I stopped talking to them, eating with them, looking at them. this lasted for a mounth or two.

lets just say I dont get introuble anymore. but you do need to be patient. and it helps to talk to them like there 3 and explain why there actions are wrong. that rubs them the wrong way any day and if you get introuble just say "I was only doing your job for you" it leaves a mark

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I really do not know why mothers do that.. I am 14 and my brother is 16. For the whole of my life my brother has been favored. If he stars on me i always get into trouble. I asked my mom if i could go to a school trip, it was a straight no. Now he is going to France with around £200 to spend. i asked my mother for £20 pounds, she said no.. My mom always calls me a slag and a bitch when i don't even have a boyfriend and i have not had sex. I don't know what her problem is. My dad is alright with me and so is my uncle and my uncle said that she is probably jealous of me but i dont see why.

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Same here my brother is 11 and I'm 13. He's always losing his temper when I joke around and he just lashes out at me. I don't like fighting him becuase that will mean if I hurt him I get in trouble. If he does anything wrong its ussually ignored or lightly punished but if its me then I'm punished and stuff gets taken away. I get this excuse from my mum half the time "he's not as clever as you and needs more help, it was easy for you" . Easy, yeah right I worked even harder when I was young to makes sure my parents were proud of me but he has trouble under standing basic s**t . He never does his homework. He goes to loads of clubs like acting and scouts and even has a tutor to help him with school which I never had. To make things worse school is getting really rubbish for me now and I need the attention of my parents more than him. Apparently my parents treat us equally but everyone with a younger sibling knows that's not true

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