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Why does my boyfriend make me soo nervous HELP?!?!?

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Okay, well I've been dating an amazing guy for three months. He's really sweet and I like him quite a lot...but I have a few problems. He's a little older than me but not much. And he's really really really sexual. I'm not really just makes me when we're sitting in school at lunch in front of everyone he puts my hand on his lap between his legs..and expects me to do things..but I'm not sure what to do..because I'll probably mess up and look retarded. Plus, he kisses me all the time..and he's the first person I've ever kissed...I think I may be doing something wrong..but maybe not? Any kissing tips?? Also when I'm with him..I STIIILLL get really nervous and can hardly talk and's really bad..he thinks it's cute..but I dunno.. What stuff can I do with he rubs my leg and lays my head on his shoulder and all of those kinds of things...I need relationship tips NOOOW.. ^_^ thank youu. x