Why does my body get cold when im mad or stressed?

I was in a conversation with a friend of mine of who I like, and she’s aware of how I feel (the feeling Was mutual) but she tells me she wants to stay as friends and brings up her ex, that she pretty much likes him again.

After just hearing that my heart starting beating rapidly, and I started to slightly shiver, and my hands and feet got really cold, and it just escalated to the point of where I was literally shaking uncontrollably from feeling so cold. Its the same way if im in some type of argument with someone and I get mad.

Most people that I know get hot when they’re mad and stressed so I don’t seem to understand why I get cold.

Answer #1

like angel said..the chemical reaction its common[:

Answer #2

I do the same thing. Its funny really, I never had this problem till I found a text message in my boyfriend’s phone of him telling some other girl that he “wanted her.” I was in shock, then went cold, started shaking and it got worse at mins went past. And ever since that day I shiver and get cold when I get upset BUT only when it deals with my boyfriend. Weird nothing triggers it but I only do that when it comes to him. Another thing you’re probably still wondering why I’m still with him? I’m still trying to figure that out, the only explaination I got is that I truly love him and that he is more mentally damaged than I thought (childhood issues, bad experiences, etc) and I want to help him. I just want to know why it only happens when it comes to him and why does it happen in general.

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