Why does my boyfriend get mad at me, but he does the same thing?


This is long but I really need some advice..

So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years.. And he gets mad if I talk to guys, or say hi. So I completely ignore them. But I get mad to if he talks to girls. Just the way we are..

But, I never talk to guys anymore. If they say something to me, I just ignore them.

Himmm on the other hand. If a girl says something to him, he’ll answer back

Even if its a girl he used to mess around with when we first started dating.. Today at school, one of those girls he used to mess around with. ( also, this girl and him used to really like eachother when we first started going out. I guess they quit talking tho obviously. A few months ago, my boyfriend best friend “started a rumor” just to get a prank at my boyfriend..this was the rumor: my boyfriend and this girl made out and almost had sex at his house.. Everybody at school said that she was saying it was true. But when I asked her, she said it was my boyfriend bestfriend who started it. Everybody in the school knew about it. But, I got over it eventually.)

Now, she tries talking to him by saying “whens the game tonight” or, “do we go outside during lunch” or random crap like that. And when she asks him, she looks at me. But, he smiles and answers back. If I did this, he’d flip out so bad and not talk to me for a while.

I get mad when she does this.. But should I? And what am I supposed to do? I’ve tried talking to him about it, but he just gets mad at me.

Im not sure what to do. Do I have a right to be mad?

Answer #1

wow!! with a boyfriend of 3yrs… I’d assume you’d get out of the jealousy phase! honestly if you love eachother unconditionally, you’d respect eachothers feelings… heck jealousy is a big thing! and ofcourse it isn’t fair for him to check girls out and you not being able to do the same with guys!! but honestly if you’ve got someone in your life, is it worth check other people out? you want someone committed dont you? unless you’ve broken the boundary that there should be no jealousy between you two and that you are faithful to eachother you should be able to interact with guys as much as he dose with girls!!

if it bugs you, deal with it before it gets to you deep… tho it seems like it has already begaun!! confront him about it, tell him “hey, have you ever considered my feelings when you talk to other girls or check them out? I thought I was the only girl in your life?” check his response and take it from there! if he gets angry, get angry back!! for you have every right!! tell him that he must love you a great deal for he dosen’t like you being around guys… but you LOVE him TOO so it bugs the heck out of you when he fools around with this girls, especially this one sice they had some sort of “history”, if he still gets pissed… DON’T LET IT GO!! give him the cold shoulder - you tell him you love him and that you’re commited to him and if he truly loves you, he’d do the same!

hope this helped you out!

Answer #2


Answer #3

hey their well oviously this has happened to me befor but me and my boyfrien always work things out so.So let me get this straight and in shorter words your boyfriend gets mad at you for talking to boys but yet when he does it he thinks you shouldnt get mad.

Oviously your boyfrien is NOT jelouse and he thinks he could have you on check well us females have the right to do whatever they do in my own opinion if I were you I would do the same thing back to him because its not fair how he could do it and you cant and if he gets mad then ohwell because he should understand you more often not just only him :] hope this helps

send me a msg if it did er a comment lol..

Answer #4

hes probly jeloues of you talking to other boys

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