Why does my back hurt while im on my period??

My back is really hurting in the lower half down to the top and into my butt a little. it is sharp pains and aching that comes and goes from being really bad to just kinda there. Is there something in preticular that causes this??? And is there something I can do to help it??

Answer #1

when I get my period that’s what happens to me too but it’s ok because I don’t get cramps. if you take midol or pamprin that should help or even just advil or ibuprofin makes it go away.

Answer #2

chloesaratoga21 is right…it just comes with your period and I get them and they’re much better than cramps. But they’re completely normal, that’s why the midol commercial always talks about bloating, backaches, etc. So any painkiller really should work, but it really depends on the person when it comes to that. I use advil but that doesn’t work for my sister so she uses midol or motrin.

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