Why does it hurt when you loose your virginity?

Ok so I know the hymen tears or stretches. But is there something inside you that breaks and makes it painful? Or is it just the hymen?

Answer #1

nope. it will stretch and hurt less and less after

Answer #2

will blood come out???

Answer #3

does blood comes out 4 guys??

Answer #4

If it’s your first time and you have never had sex before, the guys penis is going stretch you a bit as he enters you, that will cause you some pain. It’s mainly your body getting used to the penis.

Answer #5

It is just the hymen that gets torn and usually it is a bit painful for girls when they lose their virginity the first time.

The stretching may be uncomfortable, but if the guy takes it slow it won’t be painful.

Answer #6

Loosing your virginnity can be very painful for women because your vaginal opening is being stretched for the first time to accommodate the penis. Often the pain is so severe that a woman is unable to enjoy her first sexual encounter. Another factor is the sexual experience of the male. If the woman’s sexual partner doesn’t spend time on foreplay which helps to lubricate and relax the vagina, or penetrates the vagina too quickly–instead of slowly–a great deal of pain can be caused.

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