Why does it hurt when he goes deep?

ok so, when we have sex and he pushes in real hard, it hurts... why?

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There is one other possibility.
If there is a physical mismatch between you two - penis is long and vagina is short / shallow - he could be hitting your viscera (internal organs) such as your cervix. Some women experience intense pain or discomfort when this happens. It seems that 'doggy' style is one of the more troublesome positions for this problem.

If this is the case, often a different position will avoid this.
Good Luck!!

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ok.. first off he's going in to fast!
secondly.. you need not to tense up, relax your body and let em know when you feel UNCOMFORTABLE ... that way he can go at it in a different approach..
that use to happen to meh with my dude... I let em know it hurt and he goes in slower... which feels much BETTER!!!

Good lick

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it is because you tense up I know sometimes we don't realize it but we do or maybe it is because you are not feeling what he is feeling at that time. If he was to go slow and easy into you it would be a whole different feeling and learn to relax.

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I have this sama prob

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Hes big?
Your tight?
Your not use to it?

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