Why does he keep doing this, its the second night in a row?

Ok so last night my boyfriend really aggrivated the crap out of me. I for once was in the mood so I tried tickling him and doing what I usually do to get him “happy”. The last 2 nights before it had happened and he started it both times. well he had kinda yelled at me which made me mad so I walked away. he ended up falling asleep for 2 hours. Then asks me if im ok. The wondering if I am ok continues on to today and he says he loves me and hes there for me and blah blah blah and then falls asleep all over again tonight and again when he wakes up just leaves! It makes me so mad. Im sick of him always falling asleep when we hang out. Its amost been a yr and I love him soo much he is wonderful but this is really startin to irritate me!

Answer #1

I agree, in order for this problem to be solved, you have to tell him about it, or else there is no escape.

Answer #2

tell him about it then, if he doesnt know it bothers you he cant do anything about it. and if he does know thats just messed up lol maybe try spicing it up alil and make it clear that you want him NOW and not later after he takes his nap

Answer #3

tickle his balls to make him laugh it always works

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