Why does he gie me soo much attention but not ask me out???

Hey I was seeing this boy last year… Texting.. And he would take me for a cruise in his car for an hour or so and leave me home again but he was going with too many other woman so I said that I didnt want to see him any more because he was going with too many other girls which I didnt like…

I was just getting him out of my head now every nite im out he keeps staring at me (like a lot) and smiling the odd time and one shouted out ‘’ your looking well tonite ‘’ and I ignored him I dont know what his game is but I cant get him out of my head when he acts like this…

Answer #1

ha I understand the first part. freakin man hoes. :] I had a boyfriend like that, I gave him lots of chances, yet im datin him again. I told him to stop wit the games or I would never be wit him so he stopped. some people just deserve a couple chances, but if you know his games arent gonna stop get rid of him, ignore him an dont let him get to youu :]]] ((im not sure if this helped, but I tried!!))

Answer #2

he’s doing the origional guy thing… when he cant have you he wants u!! if you like him then tell him that you do but that his games must end or he cant have u!! =] xx

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