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Why does he always get mad at me for little things?

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Me and my ex are really close, he's pretty much my best friend.. but, sometimes he'll think something is wrong with me, like I'm mad or something.. So he'll ask 'what's wrong?' and If I say nothing, he thinks I'm lying..
Yesterday I went out for my birthday and played football all day with my dad and brothers so I was a little tired, and he again asked me what's wrong, and that I seemed mad or depressed.. I said ''No, I think I'm just tired or something''. . .

And he said, ''You think I'm stupid or something, I know you're lying'' and I said ''Seriously, I'm not, because I never run around and I did all day today so I'm sore and tired''. . . and he just got up and left and hasn't talked to me (we always hang out, so I can tell he's mad at me).. I asked him what's the matter and he said 'nothing' and walked away..

He knows I hate when he gets like that but he won't talk to me until I go up to him and get him to talk... but I'm sick of doing that! I didn't do anything wrong, but he always turns it around to make me think it's my fault.

Anyway, sorry it's long, but I need advice.:)