Why do you young girls feel pressured onto having sex?

So many comments and questions about sex, specially from really young girls…are you getting pressured by your boyfriends to do it when you are not ready?? Do you think that doing it with your boyfriend so he doesn’t leave you is a good reason??

Answer #1

nosey much???

Answer #2

I think its a really sad fact. :-(

Answer #3

most girls do have sex with their boyfriend just so they wont leave them but its so stupid. you should only do it when the time is right, not because you just want to keep someone. Also, some girls in highschool think its cool to have sex and not be a virgin..

Answer #4

I think it has to do with skul and tv. im still a virgin and am constantly going back and forth with losing my virginity and keeping it mostly because at skul thats one of the main things people talk about and saying that they’re doing it. plus once you hit at least 12 there is no more disney channel there’s mtv, vh1 and channels like that.

Answer #5

That is exactly the problem…and then on top of it all, they get pregnant!!!

Answer #6

their young and have no life experience mate

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