Why do you answer questions?

Why do all of you like to answer questions?

Answer #1

Cause I want to give good answers and help other people. And I know that sooner or later I would need help too.. So its just good to help. We should all help eachother on every way we can ..

Answer #2

using a bad personal experience to help someone else helps turn a negative experience into a positive one. answering questions is a step towards healing yourself, and helping someone else to heal. sometimes people get stuck in “dark places” and it is nice to hear from the “survivors” the ones that were able to make it out and can shed some ‘light’ as well as hope into someone elses ‘dark’. and besides all that- this is an advice website- it wouldn’t be right to just sit back and watch all of the questions scroll past without answering something. all of us have things we are good at, areas we have experience in- if you look at the big picture it should give someone on this site ‘a sense of belonging ‘.

Answer #3

I dunno why accually…it’s just fun! lmao

Answer #4

I guess because I like giving people advice. sometimes because I know what theyre going through. oh and sometimes its just fun 2 answer some questions.(:

Answer #5

Sooo we can help people…and so we can learn more things(:

Answer #6

Try and help others - maybe make a difference - life isn’t easy and we all need help at times.

Answer #7

Because if an experiance of mine can help someone else is a wonderful feeling. I love giving advice (:

Answer #8

because the feeling of knowing you gave someone good advice is a good feeling lol

Answer #9

because they need an answer duh! lol

Answer #10

Beats working.

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