Answer #1

we dream beacuse…

it what we think about all day and scince it usally quiet at night you start thinking and have dreams… like when you think some times you mind runes off and goes to something that you dream about…

get it?

you welcome… hope I can help

Answer #2

It means your brain is ready to function for the day ahead. :)

Answer #3

A majority of the time your dreams are your subconscious dealing with the events in your everyday life. Yes, the things you dream at certain times are a bite weird but in some aspect everyone has their own imagination. Certain people believe that your dreams show you what you truly want in life, such as adventure or an understanding of what is going on around you. Sometimes a person can’t remember their dreams and at other times they can. Even though a person is asleep their minds are still active, however, in a semiconscious state, where the persons not directly aware of anything. Hope this helped!


Answer #4

to try to make something a reality

Answer #5

cause its tripy and fun

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