Why do they keep liking my best friend but not me??

I am taking a break from my ex boyfriend (until he hits rock bottom on drugs) and I met someone and we were having fun saturday, dancing the nite away at a club. But then I just found out that it is possible he likes my friend. She’s my closest friend and the best, she wont talk to him if I tell her I have a crush on him. But I don’t want to tell her. I don’t care for him because I still love someone but thats not the case, everytime I meet someone and my bestfriend is around they fall for her!! What do I do???

Answer #1

I feel the same way I hate when that happens and the closest to a friend with me is a mean backstabber and im always nice to her and she wants to make me mad and get the guy ill give you some advice first once you meet this cute guy for you just look nice and laugh at his (if they are corney) jokes and say we have that in comin and be best friends with him and if your friend likes him who cares theres a better chance of him liking you than a girl he doesent know about. next, you guys will understand each other and get to know each other like your own palm (expression) so be nice and be protective and flirt lol. that will help and pretend to get hurt and if he helps you up then he is the guy for you he’ll ask you out. if he doesent I know how hard it is but you’ll have to let him go I know how it feels I went through this and im only 10 and I have good advice even though he’s not the guy for you you can still be friends and thats it use the same method and I assure you you will get your dream boy but I wont :(

Answer #2

uh thats a hard one. I guess go out and meet guys without her around, if thats possible. don’t introduce her to a guy you like…

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